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Addressing the Complementary Medicines World Congress in Colombo, Sri Lanka, 08.11.2008

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The following transcript was made from a live speech delivered by Dr. Theresa. Every effort was made to keep this text true to Dr. Theresa's original meaning and intent but because of inaudible sections it may contain errors or incomplete sentences. We are most grateful to the hard work of the volunteers who daily transcribe the meditations but it must be noted that they are not native speakers of English and this is a very demanding task.

Thanks Professor Mendes to give me this chance.

If you think that there is coincidence; No. There is no coincidence. In our Universal Energy, we call it Synchronicity.

Because many of our UE brothers and sisters here, they wanted me to give a speech, so they probably send out this positive thought, positive intention, and in this gap, in this nothingness, in this zero point, we are blessed so we have this talk today.

Welcome to our beloved family, Humanity.

We are One, like Professor Mendes just said before.

We are One, just like one tree with a very big root, coming many branches. From this branches we have leafs that breath in air and breath out air, breath in CO2 and breath out Oxygen for us human to breath in. And if we want these branches, this tree, to grow beautifully, to be well, we have to cooperate.

We are human beings on Earth and we are like trillion of cells in one physical body. In a physical body, as we all know, many cells integrate according to their function into one organ. All the liver cells integrate to make this liver. That happens in all the mechanism, in all the functions in the body. All the brain cells, the neurological cells, integrate to make the brain, the organ that we think that the controller in our body.

So, if we know this, we all have differences, but through these differences we integrate and we work together, we cooperate to help one another so that we get peace, love and harmony in our planet Earth.

This time it is a time of very difficult change, transitional, on our planet Earth. All the scientists, all the spiritual masters, the sages, are working out one best solution for every one of us to be together, to be united.

So we all have our own mission. Everyone on this planet Earth has a mission to achieve: how to love one another like our own brother and our own sister. The humanity is our family. If we know all that then we achieve this Mankind-Enlightenment-Love, our motto.

How we can love one another unconditionally? Through this very simple technique, this very simple method created by our beloved Master, my late husband, Professor Master Luong Minh Dang.

It had been many, many thousands years ago that it had been practiced to meditate. Yoga means communion with God. Whatever your God is we know that there is something very precious behind this limited physical body that we consider as ourselves. If we go beyond this physical body we will find our true self our very precious gift that the divine being giving every one of us. And if we believe that with our love, with our positive intention, we can create a better future for every one of us through this method, through the regular practice of the Universal Energy. This energy it’s everywhere. The scientists can prove through this quantum physics, quantum theology, that we are connected by this web of lives that we cannot feel by our limited five physical senses, but we know that we are connected.

When you think of somebody that you love, somebody that you think about suddenly, on the other end of the world, that person call you on the phone or you receive the news from them. That is not coincidence, but because we are connected by this divine energy that we call Universal Energy.

And through this energy we help people to be reactivated their chakras, through the very simple method, in each level, we improve our level of knowledge, our level of consciousness.

We have the saying that if you give a man a fish, we can only feed him one day. But if we show them how to fish then they will look after their all life by themselves. And that’s how we are going to spread this very simple technique that you can heal yourself, you can pass this knowledge to everybody else who are connected with you, who are willing to receive this divine gift.

So in this new era we are all connected by energy. And we all know that we are energy. This table here, this microphone there, they are all energy in different forms, different vibrations. So as we get higher in our vibration we are going to this God Consciousness or Divine Consciousness, whatever you call. This is the method of Universal Energy.

We are One and we going to show you how you can find this gift, this divine gift so that we can develop it, the Unconditional Love. Only through love that we can end hatred, only through love; the power of love is even faster, even stronger, than the light. At the moment we feel that the light is the fastest energy, but no, love is the fastest. As soon you think of somebody you love, you think of how you are going to help this person on the other side of the world through this web of life that we are talking about, they can receive this energy and they are healed. Anyone has this power of love inside everyone of us and the capacity that we can heal our own body.

You have a cut on your hand, you don’t have to do anything, it will heal by itself. But how are we going to heal our mental, physical illnesses?

We don’t know that we have this latent ability, but through this reactivation of all the chakras, all the system in your body, you know that you are God. You don’t know because we live in this very materialistic life. With our ignorance we think that our physical body is everything, but no, we have this power. So through this Universal Energy technique, we have showed, millions of people worldwide.

So we are here.

I’m speaking on behalf of our UE Family dispersed from many places on Earth, from four corners of our planet Earth, we are trying, we are pawned in to save our humanity in this New Era in that we will get back to our very potential ability, to heal ourselves to heal others and to relief suffering.

Thank you very much for listening to me and I hope that in the future we are connected by this love, this divine energy.

We are One.
We have different cultures, different races, different religions, but we are One.
We breathe the same air.
We breathe in Oxygen and we breathe out CO2.
We are the same.
We are One.

Thank you very much.