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Lady Theresa Speech at the World Wellness Women’s Congress in Chennai, India, 20-22.03.2009

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The following transcript was made from a live speech delivered by Dr. Theresa. Every effort was made to keep this text true to Dr. Theresa's original meaning and intent but because of inaudible sections it may contain errors or incomplete sentences. We are most grateful to the hard work of the volunteers who daily transcribe the meditations but it must be noted that they are not native speakers of English and this is a very demanding task.

Thank you very much. This is the speech from my heart, from my soul, the speech of gratitude, of appreciation.

The first Wellness World Women’s Congress in this very sacred land, India, the land of all the religions, and I I’m paying respect to all delegates, all our honoured guests and all the Masters, all the spiritual Masters, all the fathers, all the brothers, older brothers, younger brothers, and all the mothers of this world. My deepest gratitude to you all.

This is a congress of appreciation, of gratitude. Today is our second day. Since yesterday we have moved to a very powerful loving atmosphere today with your presence, and I’ve been very moved. Many of you have travelled half of the world to be here, and we are here to show our love, to show our compassion and to find the solution how we are going to save our home, this planet earth, our mother earth who is crying for help, crying to get healed.

We live in this very special Era, the Era of Aquarius, and the sign of a woman holding a bottle of water. Our water is polluted, our minds are hypnotised… how are we going to change the world?

And through the past day and this morning, more than ever, I have felt very blessed, very honoured to be a woman. Having been raised in eastern philosophy we always have been looked down being a girl, a female, a woman in the family, and thanks to all of you, we have been recognized, we have been appreciated. It’s not easy to be a woman, through our roles; the list of our roles is so long, we are the protectors, we are nurturing, we are guiding, we are healing, we are sacrifying every minute of our lives to serve, and every one of us, being a woman we know deeply in ourselves that. It has been said since this morning and yesterday.

I’m not here to tell you the story of myself, I’m not here to tell you of our Universal Energy School, I take another role today, to share with you how we can become leaders in this world being women. It’s much more difficult to be a leader and being a mother, a wife, a daughter in the family. We have different traditions here, we have different religions but the conditions we have been imprinted is very clearly (?).

Being a multi-person (?) coming out of a war zone country, Vietnam, I travelled by boat as an escapee from Vietnam many years ago, arriving in a strange country in Australia and radiated as a medical doctor. It was so difficult, so hard, but we have this instinct in women to strive, to live, to serve, to love. And after getting what we received from this universe, now for the past ten years I have turned my life how to serve in another aspect, in spirituality through this Universal Energy School were we are all connected. We know that this universe is plenty of energy, but how we are going to receive the energy?

Today we are going to have the workshop how we can share this free gift of life, this very sacred divine energy that every one of us can harness, and we can heal ourselves, we can heal others, we can heal the world with this sacred, divine energy, universal energy.

To become leaders in this world we need to heal, not just our bodily sicknesses, but we need to heal our mental, psychological illnesses, which are fear, anger, hatred, envy… the list is long, and yet we still need to heal the spiritual illnesses as well as our ignorance. We are ignorant of our lives, the law of nature, and we are ignorant of our own divinity. To become leaders in our world now, we need to be cooperative, not competitive and I was very touched this morning through the connection that we had from here to the CEO space from the USA, and many of us have been connected very, very tightly through this Universal Energy TV (…)

(… ) with our physical ears, this physical sense of hearing is very limited, we need to listen to the sufferings of others from our hearts, from our souls, from this connection, and we know what the needs are, so we need to learn how to listen so that we can serve, so that we can be the service and we can become the server.

We have this ability of listening in every one of us with motherly love, with unconditional love, with compassion, and then we need to put in action. We have the vision, we have the ability to listen, but we need to put it in action, we need to be able to change the situation, we need a lot of changes in our planet earth, we need to change ourselves from inside every one of us, we need to purify ourselves, we need to cleanse all the negativity, the hatred that we have in every one of us, the jealousies, and at the route, we need to reduce this greed.

All the suffering of human kind at the moment has been created by this greed, this want to possess… how much is enough? We cannot stop this greed if we continue with the live that we live now, and every one of us, we need to go back to our humility, our most humble way of living. Enough is enough. When we realize that, then we can change the world, from every one of us. Each one of us will contribute to this change and we are going to change with compassion, with understanding.

Every one of us have been sinners, every one of us will be saints. One minute we are sinner… sinners and saints are vey similar. Saints have the past because they have done good deeds so they are recognized and they become saints. Sinners, they have the future. Sinners, once we know that we make mistakes, we turn around and we change, then we become saints. That’s how we are going to change this planet earth.

We need to be connected, we need our spiritual wisdom to know what we can change. We pray for the serenity to accept the things that we cannot change, we pray for the courage that we can change the things that we can. How do we know the difference? We need the spiritual wisdom, and many of you here, all the Masters here, can help us how we can receive this spiritual wisdom, through many techniques, through many methods, all the means with only one purpose, for us human beings to find true happiness, true love, compassion.

We are running behind schedule, I know that, so this is the only message that I would like to share with you today, and my deepest gratitude to you all, with my love.

I love you! I love you! I love you!

We are one! Wellness is oneness!

Thank you.